Good Care Uganda Foundation


Good Care mainly conduct prevention and therapy programmes , individual and family intervention; sometimes through group work sessions, seminars and structured meetings.

Our community development approach aims at addressing historical imbalances through collective empowerment, facilitating processes that help the poor, vulnerable and marginalized to regain control over their lives.

We believe provision of effective education  and health services are some of the main means of alleviating poverty and raising the status of children and women in Uganda

We thus, seek to attain social development through professional intervention at personal, family, community and civic level by working cooperatively with the departments of health, education, Social Development and Local Authorities. The following are our main programme areas:

Health Support

This programme gives care and support to children and adults who have chronic conditions.  We facilitate proper diagnosis by ensuring supervised clinic referrals and patients on ART are transported to appropriate clinics and hospitals on a monthly basis.

Home visits are also conducted to ensure adherence to treatment. Basic home care is also conducted when the need arises. At present we do have 130 patients who are receiving health services form western region.

Nutritional Support

This is one of the key interventions to the constant challenge of child headed households, and other orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda; including those with chronic conditions. We are
aware that decent meals are hard to come by hence we provide nutritious food parcels on a monthly basis to the households where these children live. We also help to start and run nutritional gardens for families to produce the food they need, themselves.

We also ensure availability of vitamins and minerals supplements to over 80% of the beneficiaries in need of nutritional support. These are mainly children on Anti Retroviral Treatment. 1200 families are benefiting from Good Care’s nutrition support.

Education Support

The education programme ensures that all children enrolled with Good Care are placed in institutions of learning and development from primary to tertiary. Good Care has 980 children who are enrolled at different schools this year. We provide for the children’s uniforms and other learning needs and provide a link between the schools and families.

We do all we can to make parents or caregivers interested in children’s education as well as motivate the children to remain in school for the best possible grades. Emphasis is placed on excellence in areas of studies and academic performance. We facilitate the payment of fees, retention of children in schools and provide after school support to motivate children for improved

Psychosocial Support

This is mainstreamed in all our programme areas. Some of the main sectional activities include providing initial professional contact with clients requiring support/assistance from Good Care. It also supervises the conduct of our home visits and provides for effective understanding of the clients we serve including running psychosocial support groups for clients in similar circumstances.

To ensure quality education, children are taken for quarterly workshops to harness their skills and their attitude towards life (life skills programs). All our beneficiaries receive psychosocial support from the organisation.

We conduct new intake assessment screening and internal referrals for required assistance bereavement counseling and general counseling for walk in clients conduct workshop and awareness campaigns on child protection facilitate child care forums. Do external referrals to psychologist and child welfare for placement.