What We Do.

We are on a mission

To actively serve the people and the communities in Africa by engaging in projects that promote social, economic and cultural development. 

In doing this, we want to place a special focus on saving lives and improving health of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public health and other social economic services.

Health Support

This programme gives care and support to children and adults who have chronic conditions.  We facilitate proper diagnosis by ensuring supervised clinic referrals and patients on ART are transported to appropriate clinics and hospitals on a monthly basis.

Nutritional Support

This is one of the key interventions to the constant challenge of child headed households, and other orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda; including those with chronic conditions. 

Education Support

The education programme ensures that all children enrolled with Good Care are placed in institutions of learning and development from primary to tertiary. Good Care has 980 children who are enrolled at different schools this year. 

Our partners are from all over the world